by Douglas Dillmann/Fairmount resident

My daughter Daisy was diagnosed this last April with AML (Leukemia) and our lives changed. Thanks to Plaza Medical ER for discovering a bruised, soft-tissue injury to her ankle, which was actually Leukemia. This discovery was very clearly a God Wink since any injury, or even her monthly period, could have caused her to bleed uncontrollably and die.

Note: God Winks are when God taps you on your shoulder (or knocks you on your butt) and whispers "I am here with you...take my hand and let's take care of this situation."

Since Daisy's diagnosis we have been more attentive to divine guidance--especially when God uses the "knock you on your butt" reminder. Counting our blessings has been a major focus as we all walk the path with her to be in remission and clean from cancer. With this improved "eyesight," we are now seeing the world's blessings everywhere.

This brings us to the subject at hand. With our improved awareness of God Winks and abundant blessings, we have found one blessing very close to home in our 'hood, as my son Ben used to refer to it. We have lived in the Fairmount Historic District since 1996, and we have always known and appreciated the unique and friendly people that live there. But when Daisy fell ill with AML, something new appeared in the 'hood--angels in the form of The Men of Faimount.

The Men of Fairmount, if you've seen their calendar you would appreciate the variety and talent of our neighbors who we have grown to love, have definitely been a blessing to us.

We have been told that Jake Hill and several other members were relaxing one evening, looked at each other and simply said "Let’s do something fun, and important, for a good cause." They say that Daisy's story immediately came to mind, and then a vision of a car wash appeared. Jake took the lead on the project and the team made it happen this last weekend.

Well, that's their story, but we know better--they are all really angels. God knows. If you had seen those men working around double rows of cars for six hours straight then there would be no doubt in your mind. And where did all of those cars come from? Not to mention, when it was about to thunderstorm, why did the number of cars waiting double? I figure it was a calling to all of the angels from miles around to come and help. Yes, with our enhanced vision there is no doubt.

Daisy's mom is a bead weaver and she made beautiful daisy pins and earrings to sell and/or give to those who helped with the car wash. So if you see someone around town wearing small delicate beaded daisies, please be kind to them.

Everyone showed the Dillmann family a lot of love and worked really hard to prove how much they cared. And since they are all angels it would be a great opportunity to give an angel a GREAT BIG HUG. Even if you aren't sure, give 'em a BIG HUG anyway, just in case—and God knows, angels need hugs too.

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Our Neighborhood

Located on the near south side of Fort Worth, Texas and covering about one square mile, the Fairmount Southside Historic District contains one of the nation’s richest collections of turn of the century housing. Fairmount is comprised of about 20 subdivisions platted between 1883 and 1907. At the time, Fairmount was a fashionable neighborhood.

About one third of the houses were occupied by business executives who managed their own firms. Professions were represented by many doctors, lawyers, and educators. It was a diverse neighborhood, where craftsmen, inclucing brick and stone masons lived next door to railroad workers. As Fort Worth’s suburbs grew following World War II, the neighborhood fell into disrepair.

Today, through the efforts of of many property owners, residents are working to revitalize the area to restore its past glory.